Cotons are hearty dogs
and will frolic in desert
heat and winter snow.
However, because of
their size,the Coton
should not be left
outside by themselves.
Almost every community
sports a coyote or two
these days!
The breed is extremely
healthy, long-lived,
and, in the North
American population of
Cotons, they live about
16 years (15.7 years
on average); the oldest
survived for almost 19
Welcome to Lake Superior Cotons!

We are certified by the Madagascar Coton Club of America
(mCTCA) as an ethical breeder of the rare
Madagascar Coton De Tulear
(pronounced coe-TAWN day TULE-ee-r)

5 puppies born March 19, 2016

Please email
or call 715 209 8470
to inquire about the adoption of a puppy.
We want to find the best forever homes
for all our sweet puppies.
Sukha passed all her health tests and has been awarded
the 'breedable' status by the
mCTCA. To insure the continued
health and hearty vitality of this breed, the stud and dam
must conform to a breeding quotient of no more than a 10%
genetic crossover. Lincoln of
Great Lakes Cotons was a
wonderful choice as the sire for this litter of puppies.
Lake Superior Cotons
Breeder of the Coton de Tulear
All the puppies have been adopted and have
beautiful families waiting for them.
Sire - Lincoln Babakoto of Great Lake Cotons